RF Design and Coverage Plot Modeling

Leaders in Sophisticated RF Design

ezWireless brings extensive expertise, leading edge modeling technology, and high-resolution 3D terrain mapping to your radio frequency (RF) projects.

Our RF design coverage plot modeling matches your business objectives for delivering fixed outdoor, nomadic and fixed indoor service using a variety of devices. We consider every network scenario before we build the design for your facility. We strive to make our designs the most accurate in the industry.

Visualizing RF Network Coverage

Detailed RF propagation coverage maps assist you in visualizing the network. Interactive consultation produces the final the design and ensures the proper balance among the number of sites, area and population covered. These maps also identify coverage holes that must be filled to maximize the capacity of your network.

ezWireless overcomes key RF planning challenges such as mobile and in-building coverage. We excel at tackling hard-to-cover areas with line-of-sight issues, including high-rise buildings, dense foliage and hilly terrain. Our sophisticated RF modeling toolkit includes:

  • Tuned propagation models
  • High-resolution terrain models
  • Clutter and 3-D building models

Intelligent Network Construction

Our experts examine a range of different network scenarios to make it easier for you to determine the optimal number of sites for your project. With advanced site selection algorithms, we help you determine the most cost effective site locations.

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