DAS Engineering and Certification

Expert DAS Recertification and Compliance

DasLink by ezWireless will keep your distributed antenna system (DAS) in code compliance with annual testing of all active components required by your local jurisdiction. We will research all local requirements pertaining to your system.

Our certified technicians will handle all of the necessary coordination and notifications, making the process of recertifying your system easy and trouble free.

Stay Current with IFC511.9 and IFC511.10 Compliance

Your DAS system needs to be reviewed and tested every year to make sure it remains compliant. Our DasLink program provides annual testing to ensure International Fire Code (IFC) 511.9 compliance. We provide the fire inspector with all of the required documentation.

In addition, DasLink performs a radio coverage test at least once every five years to ensure IFC511.10 compliance. We will ensure your system continues to meet the signal strength requirements outlined in IFC511.4 and IFC511.8. The results of the five-year test will be provided to SERS and the fire code official. A compliance closeout package will be provided to the system owner.

Full Service Recertification

DasLink certified technicians provide a wide range of engineering services when working toward your DAS recertification. Our experts provide project management, system commissioning, and support. We provide you with multiple benefits, including:

  • IFC compliance maintenance
  • System performance validation
  • Accurate system documentation
  • Amplifier, power supply, and backup battery testing
  • Demonstration that system gain meets required standards
  • Active component performance check
  • Comprehensive test result documentation

ezWireless has been designing and engineering complex wireless solutions since 1984, and we are proud to bring this experience and expertise to our DasLink program.

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