Gigabit Ethernet: Product Information

Wireless Gigabit Ethernet: Product Information

ezWireless equipment provider partners offer radios that use the same millimeter wave frequency range technology used for mission critical military applications and enterprise-class solutions all around the world.


Today, you can have a highly-secure Gigabit Ethernet connection. The ultra-low latency connections are unaffected by normal weather patterns. Your network users and applications will not be able to detect a difference in quality between our solution and a fiber optic connection.

Our equipment provider partners have made significant technology advancements that make their solutions lead the industry in range, performance, and availability.

Smart Switching For Uptime

In some very intense rainfalls, attenuation can bring a wireless link down. We can design for that. During rainy conditions, your wireless LAN can switch to a more robust link. The radio effectively “downshifts” to overcome the rain event rather than going into a link down state. Once the intense rain has passed (often minutes or seconds per year) the radio automatically returns to the faster mode.

Prioritize Security

These days, we have to think about security at every turn. ezWireless approaches every project with a plan for securing the network. Today’s wireless is well suited for securing transmission. With the narrow transmission band and the two-way link nature of Ethernet, it is extremely difficult to intercept a wireless signal in mid-air without effectively stopping transmission. As a result, the network transmits no information and personnel notice there is a problem.

As another layer, we provide military grade 256-bit AES Encryption for your network. Governments and private organizations all over the world have tested and approved of the 256-bit AES standard.

Extended Range

With new protocols, better hardware, and above all smart engineering, we are extending the reach of wireless networks beyond what anyone could imagine just a few short years ago. If you don’t think that your application can be addressed with a wireless solution, call us. We can make an assessment and often give you a pleasant surprise; we can make wireless reach incredible distances.