Wireless Gigabit Ethernet: Frequently Asked Questions

Wireless Gigabit Ethernet: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range? Depending on a number of variables, links can be established at surprisingly long distances. Every day we are extending the reach of wireless networks. All around you, high speed, robust connections stretch miles through the air.

Is line-of-sight required? Yes. For most applications, full and clear line-of-sight is required between the two ends of the link to establish a connection. There are a lot of ways to find that line of sight, and a good engineer can be quite resourceful in finding the path.

Does snow, fog or rain affect the link? Properly planned radio links are not impaired by normal rainfall,snow, or fog. All millimeter-wave radio signals are, however, strongly attenuated by very heavy precipitation from momentary micro-cell cloud bursts. Based on the geographic area of deployment and application availability requirements, it is a simple process to determine the maximum link distance that will support a highly-available connection for your application. ezWireless engineers are trained and certified to design the radio link to industry-leading levels of availability.

Are the wireless links secure? Wireless links naturally provide a high degree of physical security. The very narrow antenna beamwidth and very low antenna side lobes prevent eavesdropping without locating another radio directly in the path of a link. This will result in a link outage, preventing interception of data and alerting network management personnel to the intrusion attempt.

Also the systems meet the requirements of HIPAA for healthcare applications and use 256-bit AES encryption for military-grade security.

What is the latency of links? The link latency is on the order of a high performance Ethernet switch. Latency across the link is less than 50 microseconds.

How do I install a link? These radios have very narrow beamwidths (as small as fractions of one degree) and can be very tricky to align properly. Often, inexperienced installers will misalign the radios and the link performance and availability can suffer as a result. ezWireless has trained and certified engineers with years of experience aligning high-availability point-to-point systems that will take care of the alignment process for you. This way you can be sure that your link will perform to specification.

How can I monitor the link? Links include network management facilities, accessed through a standard web browser or SNMP. The network operator can view unit and port status, configuration, and port statistics. Standard SNMP Network Management Stations can monitor connectivity across the radio link, logging up/down events and raising operator alarms as needed.

How can I purchase a link? You can either fill out the product interest and pricing form, or call ezWireless to speak with one of our manufacturer-certified engineers.

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