4.9 GHz Public Safety Point-to-Point

4.9 GHz Public Safety Point-to-Point

PTP Feasibility Report

Emergency and day-to-day Public Safety operations require instantaneous connection to critical voice, video, and data communications. The FCC licensed 4.9GHz Public Safety band allows you to connect to your information with security and peace of mind.

ezWireless 4.9GHz point-to-point solutions deliver reliable bandwidth and near / non line-of-sight performance. Connect two public safety facilities; stream video surveillance data; or, even replace a leased line with 4.9GHz public safety systems designed and built by ezWireless.


Operating in the 4.9 GHz spectrum, our Point-to-Point wireless Ethernet bridge gives firefighters, police officers, search and rescue teams the mission-critical reliability, high bandwidth and quality of service required to communicate during times of crisis and uncertainty. Our solutions deliver the throughput that public safety officials require for applications, such as on-scene streaming video, Internet and database access and transfers of maps, blueprints, medical files and missing-person images.

Non Line of Sight: Hermiston Police Department Case Study